Girl Investment Group (GIG) is a blog and a financial education platform for all women and their allies. GIG customers will be able to develop their own insight regarding their financial motives and goals using the various tools and information provided on this platform. Girl Investment Group (GIG) supports ALL women in their financial journeys to accomplish short term and generational goals by providing case study analysis on finance related topics, content based on real-life experiences of the Founder, opinionated pieces, and various financial tools. By building upon current skills and knowledge, she is able to improve on her self and her family for years to come.

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Meet the Founder

Cynquetta Dean, an U.S. Army veteran, is the Founder of Girl Investment Group (GIG). She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Management from Fitchburg State University, and she is currently a Process Engineer at a global technology and retail company. Dean has experience in Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Engineering due to her studies and exceptional work history. Her hobbies include traveling to various countries and cooking new healthy recipes as often as possible.

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Disclaimer : This is an opinionated blog about personal finance, and I am NOT a professional financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence and consider speaking with a fiduciary financial professional before making any financial decisions. My posts are based on my personal experiences and should be used for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. This is a safe space for women and our allies to talk about personal finance and get motivated about achieving our money goals. Now, let’s get this bread. Enjoy!