Pandemic Side Hustles: Door Dash Review

Are you looking to dip into the world of side hustles? Have you ever wondered what it is like to work for Door Dash to earn some extra cash? Well, we did it and here is our experience from the process of signing up to making that cash.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is an awesome food delivery app that allows drivers, or Dashers, to deliver food to people from all types of restaurants. It takes away the hassle from customers having to drive to pick up their food and restaurants are able to utilize the delivery service to make more money. This app also encourages more local dining which benefits communities as a whole. It is also an awesome way for people to make more money by driving.

How to Use DoorDash


Everything is done through the DoorDash app. First, a restaurant fulfills an order for a customer. Next, DoorDash assigns the order to a Dasher that is nearby in which the Dasher can either accept or decline the order. The Dasher is totally responsible for picking up the order and delivering the order in a timely manner to the customer. Dashers will also be instructed to rate how the delivery went for better efficiency and improvements for the app. DoorDash also provides a GPS map, restaurant contact information, and customer contact information all through the app just in case the Dasher needs it. Click Here for more information.

To Sign Up to Be a Dasher, You Must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Consent to a background check
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Provide a Social Security number if in the United States
  • Have adequate transportation like a car, scooter, bicycle


Customers can use DoorDash by using their email and a password to sign up on the app. Once signed in, customers can view all available restaurants to order food from. There are even different types of food categories at the top of the app to make your search for meals easier. Users can then select their items and add them to their carts for check out. Users can use a debit card or credit card to pay for items at check out, and then the order is sent to the restaurant for preparation. Users can view the GPS map on DoorDash to track their orders from pick up to drop off.

My Experience

My experience as a Dasher was quite interesting and very profitable. Signing up to be a Dasher was super easy and can be done simply on a mobile phone. The app was easy to use, and I received a mask, hand sanitizer, and an insulated thermal bag to keep food hot. I discovered that the best times to make deliveries for my area was on the weekends because tips were higher and there were more chances to deliver food to customers. At times, orders would come in two at a time which resulted in larger tips (+$8).

The weekdays can get very slow and sometimes you would need to schedule your hours as early as possible so you could actually work. However, DoorDash alerts drivers of certain hotspots to drive to and start picking up orders. My longest drive for a delivery was about 12 mins total. I averaged out $135 per week during the summer while only driving 2-3 hours a day. The amount of money you make will vary depending on location, hours driven, population, etc.

Like most jobs, there are pros and cons to being a Dasher for DoorDash. Check out the list below:

Pros of DoorDash

  • Schedule your own hours
  • Weekly pay
  • Benefits provided (DoorDashHealth)
  • Meet new people
  • Build business skills/ Entrepreneurial skills
  • Find out about new restaurants
  • Learn more about your community

Cons of DoorDash

  • Car wear and tear
  • Slow days at times
  • Delayed orders
  • Driving at night
  • Safety in neighborhoods

Is DoorDash a good stock purchase?

DoorDash is an easy way to make money by driving and delivering orders to customers, and they are now officially public which allows people to purchase stock in the company.

DoorDash went public on December 9, 2020 starting at a price of $102 and growing. With this pricing, DoorDash stock is considered to be a large- cap stock which is a safe investment and not risky. DoorDash does not operate everywhere in the United States and only about 6% of the U.S. population uses DoorDash. This means that there is ample room for the company to grow over time.

Currently, DoorDash does not offer dividend payouts to its shareholders. In order for a company to offer a dividend, the business must generate cash flows that surpass their capital expenses by a large margin. DoorDash has been conducting heavy marketing to attract more customers which consumes most of their cash flows.

Overall, DoorDash may be a good stock purchase for those wanting to hold their shares for a few years. For those looking for a dividend payment, this stock would not be ideal as the company is focused on growth.

In Conclusions…

DoorDash is a quick and easy way to make extra money if it is available in your area. The company even offers health benefits which is very innovative for this type of work. DoorDash is also now open to the public to purchase shares in the company which would be ideal for those looking to hold their shares for the long run as the company continues to experience growth. Have fun Dashing!