People are Jealous of You

Have you ever had someone say to you, “Oh, must be nice.” Maybe someone has called you “bougie” or “out of touch” now that you are either making more money, entered a new tax bracket, traveling more often, or participating in luxury activities. This is something that many people go through as they begin to better themselves. Unfortunately, that WILL bring negative energy around you so it is important to steer clear of anything that is not valuable to your goals. Your relationships with friends and family will change as your net worth increases.

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More Money, More BS

Family members and friends may often come to you for money, gifts, advice about finances, and other things that may put you in an awkward situation. Some family members might adopt a negative view of you since many people with wealth or large incomes are often demonized in society. I think many of us plan to help our family members and friends once we start to do well, but that is not always an option to family and friends who have neglected or mistreated you. You may even experience the loss of close relationships you have had with some people out of jealousy or lack of support. This can create a mental strain on you and disinterest in people you once thought was on your side.

People who have experienced wealth or are living a life of luxury have stated that it can be isolating. The people around you may change and become resentful OR you could change due to your new lifestyle that others cannot relate to. Let’s say you wanted to go to an expensive dinner or hop on a plane to Bermuda to unwind. Would your friends be able to tag along? Most people do not have the ability to do that at random so you will find yourself in awkward situations. We often hear about wealthy people being depressed and sad at some point. Could being isolated from others be a reason for their mental state?

How to Cope with the BS

It can be difficult to distinguish who in your circle is actually sincere and not jealous of you. You will find yourself looking for new friends to hang out with that share similar interests or have a similar lifestyle. In order to cope with strained relationships, it is important to actively make new friends and be adventurous during the process.

Making new friends as an adult can be difficult since everyone is busy with their own lives. You have to be open to new experiences. Here are a few things you can try out to easily make new friends:

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  • Join a gym with group workout classes
  • Participate in volunteer projects in your community
  • Seek friendships at your job
  • Join local Facebook groups that spark your interest
  • Be active on social media platforms and build connections

All in All

As you journey through wealth building, your current relationships with friends and family may change. You may experience trust issues, isolation, and the loss of relationships that could cause psychological issues even though your bank and investing accounts look nice. It will be your responsibility to differentiate between who is actually your friend and who is just there because you have money. Do not be afraid to make new friends as an adult especially if you meet people with similar interests as you. We become like the people we associate with, and that’s why winners are attracted to winners. Just remember to always remain humble and generous no matter what problems you encounter with other people.